Drone stuff

What I do, have done, will do, hope to do...

I started building RC things a while ago. I crashed my first RC plane back in '99. After deciding flying toys wasn't the best idea, I moved into building RC trucks, buggies, and cars. Then around 2005 I got into building RC helicopters. I crashed my first two. Then came multirotors.

Around 2009 I built my first multirotor. Using custom cut center plates, towel bars from Ace for the arms, and an Arduino board for the brains, I built my first quadcopter. After crashing that one, and with the advancement of control boards, I built two Flamewheels, an F450 and an F550. As you can imagine both of those ended up crashed. Having not learned my lesson I moved into building a few 6" racers, a Tarot 680Pro hex, and one more Flamewheel F550, all of which I have crashed. On the plus side, I am really good at building and repairing these things. 

Most recently I have bought three off the shelf helicopters. A Phantom 3, a Yuneec Typhoon 4K, and a Mavic 2 Zoom. None of which have crashed yet! (Go me!) I am now working on learning their software and systems, and keeping them airborne as much as possible. I am also now building a long range fixed wing FPV and survey plane. 

Iv'e been designing, building, flying, crashing, repairing, and flying these things for a while. I am proficient with most flight controller systems, and their software. I do some aerial photography, but have more experience in mapping, surveying, inspections, S&R operations, and so forth. I have flown drones from 1' MSL to 13,500' MSL, and in all kinds of weather. I am Part 107 certified, and a pilot for real planes. 

I will keep updates going on here, along with photos and videos. If you are looking for someone to do any drone work in the mid-west please reach out to me using the contact form on the home page. 


SkyHunter 1800